>What a dreary rainy Tuesday- the positive side: all the snow is gone & I now have a pool in my backyard…

That being said, you’d think I had a productive day- being confined to the indoors. Not

There is no better excuse to lounge around & spend a day snuggling my little man- than on a ‘rain day’.


Course- do I ever need an excuse to spend a day snuggling him?

Thus… That is why this post is occurring at 11pm at night- as I usually try and pump out all of my work after-hours.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go to VON’s Handbags for Hospice fundraiser, here in Woodstock. I’ve always wanted to go- but the tickets sold out this year the same day they went on sale!
If anyone knows Woodstock- that is an absolute amazing achievement!

More than 600 ladies were in attendance- sorry, no boys except the local firefighters were allowed (I couldn’t complain)

Desserts, purses & purple rain cocktails- oh my! Doesn’t get much better then this ladies!

The event raised more than $75,000 for VON’s Sakura House- a really great cause.

Although I could never afford to bid upwards of $500 on a purse- I do highly recommend going to this event if you ever get the opportunity!

Check out a quick little promo video from this year:

As for Sunday- The family trekked to my dear friend Tanya’s son’s baptism-

So honoured to be able to have been chosen to be little Jackson’s godmother- I guess this means I’ll have to really work on my potty mouth from here on out. All kidding aside, I cannot wait to see the great man you are growing into each and every day.
I can’t wait to see the stories Lane & you rush home from school to tell your mother and I- so we can reminisce about our own crazy childhood memories- while enjoying the beloved memories we are now making as parents to our own little bundles of joy.
What a great day spent with one of my favourite families- The Brays! xo


And just because everyone needs a little 'pick-me-up' each & every day- I thought this quote would be quite appropriate.. especially considering the weather



First off- I’m a proud self-proclaimed ‘Gleek’. What an uplifting/motivating show. If this show doesn’t make you want to do better.. be better. I’m not sure what will

I love this rendition of their version of Florence & The Machines tune, ‘Shake It Out’. Amen sisters. Love it.

Crank it. Right now

Another big thank you to all who sponsored us personally- as well as my team, for the Hike for Hospice, in support of VON’s Sakura House. Here’s some shots from the beauty-day!











& a huge happy-belated Mothers day to all the Super-hero Mom’s out there!

I’m sure none of you get the credit that’s due- but don’t ever go a’thinking that you’re anything less than AMAZING!

Shine on you crazy diamonds! Shine on!

I’m so grateful to be able to participate in this special holiday. Thanks to my main-man, Lane, for making my 1st Mothers Day a great one! & a special shout out to my own amazing mother. I can only hope to be half as good of a mom, as you’ve been to me! Love love love you! Image