>What a dreary rainy Tuesday- the positive side: all the snow is gone & I now have a pool in my backyard…

That being said, you’d think I had a productive day- being confined to the indoors. Not

There is no better excuse to lounge around & spend a day snuggling my little man- than on a ‘rain day’.


Course- do I ever need an excuse to spend a day snuggling him?

Thus… That is why this post is occurring at 11pm at night- as I usually try and pump out all of my work after-hours.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go to VON’s Handbags for Hospice fundraiser, here in Woodstock. I’ve always wanted to go- but the tickets sold out this year the same day they went on sale!
If anyone knows Woodstock- that is an absolute amazing achievement!

More than 600 ladies were in attendance- sorry, no boys except the local firefighters were allowed (I couldn’t complain)

Desserts, purses & purple rain cocktails- oh my! Doesn’t get much better then this ladies!

The event raised more than $75,000 for VON’s Sakura House- a really great cause.

Although I could never afford to bid upwards of $500 on a purse- I do highly recommend going to this event if you ever get the opportunity!

Check out a quick little promo video from this year:

As for Sunday- The family trekked to my dear friend Tanya’s son’s baptism-

So honoured to be able to have been chosen to be little Jackson’s godmother- I guess this means I’ll have to really work on my potty mouth from here on out. All kidding aside, I cannot wait to see the great man you are growing into each and every day.
I can’t wait to see the stories Lane & you rush home from school to tell your mother and I- so we can reminisce about our own crazy childhood memories- while enjoying the beloved memories we are now making as parents to our own little bundles of joy.
What a great day spent with one of my favourite families- The Brays! xo


And just because everyone needs a little 'pick-me-up' each & every day- I thought this quote would be quite appropriate.. especially considering the weather



Back on Civic Weekend- yes, I know- that was a month ago! The family ventured up to Lanark, Ontario for a little visit-

What a nice little getaway I must say.

It’s honestly in the middle of no where. The nearest restaurant is a french fry truck down the street (not that that’s a problem. Who doens’t love french fries loaded in vinegar!?)

Took some time out to venture out of Lanark and take a drive to Perth, Ontario  ( or (

What a cute little town! The entire downtown is made up of old stone buildings & rustic architecture- my favourite.

Check out some of the photos from the day-

If you don’t mind driving- I personally love road trips- then make the hike to Perth for a weekend! Especially this Fall- I can only imagine how fabulous it will look complimented by the Fall colours!

On a totally unrelated note- vote for me in the Buffalo Trace contest- for my chance to win $3000! Just imagine how many chai tea lattes that would by me (and you!) 😉

You may have to create a free profile to vote- but I’d appreciate it! You can vote once a day!! Whomever votes the most- I will award dinner to! Just comment on here every day when you vote- under this post

My main man Laner won the other week in his local fair’s baby contest-sure he was the only contestant in his age bracket haha, but perhaps the other competition heard he was coming- so they knew it was best to stay at home! haha

Lane’s future girlfriend, Harper- also rocked her age category and pulled out a big win.

This picture can be summed up in one sentence- ” Oh, the sweet taste of victory!”

Thanks all!

And today’s happy thought of the day is…

“Go out on a limb. Afterall, isn’t that where all the fruit is?”



Whoa! What a great feeling coming back from a couple weeks off (brutal I know) to check my site stats are still holding strong! I have such a GREAT group of readers!

Where to begin!? Can’t believe Summer is almost over- although, being on ‘maternity-leave’ should mean I’ve had ‘summer’ all year-round! Lucky me. I do like the end of Summer though, as it means the beginning of Fall, which is my ultimate favourite season of all!

The smell of the crisp Autumn air, the leaves changing, the ability to wear some really rockin boots- (nice plug for Frye boots or moccassins of course! Top it off with a piping hot soy chai latte & a dinner with my special mashed potatoes (3 parts cauliflower, 1 part potatoe, bit of butter, & chives) and you’ve got your self one heck of a fabulous time!

I’m contemplating going to Salem for a little vacation in October- the history intrigues me, and the fact it pays homage to ‘all things Halloween’ the entire month- is like candy to my ears!

Any of my readers ever been? Have a place to suggest? Where should I stay? I want to know!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @caylpozza- as I tend to update that a bit more frequently! Imagine- me being able to update something more than once every two weeks 😉

Here’s some shots from the other weekend, up at the cottage with my little stud muffin. I never thought the day would come- but I absolutely love love loveeeeeee being a mom! What a gift it is!

& on a totally un-related note, most people who know me- know I’m a huge Gleek! So it’s obvious that I would get tickled with excitement for this movie to be released- Sure it isn’t Glee, but could be the next best thing!

‘Fat Amy’ kills me. She brought it in ‘Bridemaids’ but I’m betting she’ll be the hidden Gem in this one!

Let the countdown begin!

Quote of the day: “Some people are content being mediocre & accepting their fate, I’d prefer to make mine”- Yours truly



Never know who you may run into on a typical day- today Justin Beiber was found ‘busking’ infront of the Avon Theatre, at the intermission of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, here in Stratford Ontario

I can only imagine how much coin he stacked up in that empty guitar case- hopefully donated to a good cause I hope.

My pocket preferably.

Also, would like to send out a big Happy Fathers Day to my own papa- Big Poppa P. Thanks for teaching me to stand up for what I believe in- even if I’m standing alone. Thanks for teaching me that a good left-hook is more important than algebra. And that family is the most important thing of all.

What a good looking fella you are! Much love dad! xo

A father is a son’s first hero, & a daughter’s first love’



Oh Toronto! Honestly- amidst the regular traffic jammed streets &  it’s overpopulated sidewalks, Toronto just never seems to get closer to finishing all of this crazy construction.

Good thing we gave ourselves 3 bloody hours to get from Point A to Point B! Which were only supposed to be a meer 4 blocks from each other.

Ms. Minshall & I had a great day, nonetheless- busy, but great! Sun was shining, tunes were pumping, & we were rockin’ our Tropic Spa tans. We even had to lug these home units around the downtown core, as I was too cheap to pay for various parking lots.

Dropped some @tropicspa home mist tanning units, around the town- at some really exciting places! It’s top secret, can’t share. Okay okay,  of the drop off destinations was to the beautiful Angie Smith & Rick Campanelli of Entertainment Tonight!

Here’s a quick snap shot of the day!

Keep you posted on all-things exciting coming our way!

PS. Don’t forget to follow @caylpozza on Twitter. Duh!

And because I’m such a proud parent, thought I’d toss in some shots of my main men (minus my own pa of course), at the cottage the other week!

Beautiful life, oui? xo