My oh’ my ya’ll- how thankful am I for such awesome readers! I haven’t even had a post in weeks (my bad) – & I’m getting great stats from this blog.

How grateful am I!? Honoured

It’s been a crazy few weeks- Lane started swim lessons- what a little fish

Disregard his grumpy face- he actually loved it! Honest

The other week- we invited a slew of our friends over to catch the Woodstock parade with us. Luckily for them, you can watch it right from our front porch.

Complimented with vegetarian chili, peppermint hot chocolate, & other goodies-

It was a great night for all! Here’s to next year-

Keeping with the holiday spirit- want to take a few minutes to thank everyone who came out to show their support at Juliana’s Ugly Sweater Party on Saturday-

The weather scared some people off- but the group that did come out was a blast!

Thanks for all the door proceeds raised that will be donated to Operation Sharing-

Tis the season for giving back! Hope to see you all next year-

Tis the season- a busy season.

So take time to sip your peppermint hot chocolate. Sport a pair of homemade mittens. Spread some holiday cheer. Sing carols at the top of your lungs. Kiss under the mistletoe. Make memories with your loved ones- & reminisce about memories with loved ones who’ve passed. Thank your guardian angels. Watch the Grinch. Give back. Say your prayers. & Remember the real Reason for the season.

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Who doesn’t love kicking off the Holiday Season with some good ol’ fashioned giveaways!?

Tis the season for giving!

Some of you all have snow already- I hear

Seems much too early for  that! I’m sure most of you would rather be sitting on a warm hot beach soakin’ up the sun. But if you can’t do that- as much of us can’t- what better way to ‘fake it’, than by purchasing one of your own home mist spray tan units from Tropic Spa!

From now until next Friday- I will be holding my 1st Holiday Giveaway- 5 lucky readers will recieve a $100 Gift Certificate from Tropic Spa Tan (www.tropicspatan.com) to be used to upon the purchase of a unit or refill kit

How can you win!? Follow me on Twitter @caylpozza & retweet my Tweet about this holiday giveaway. For each day, & each retweet- you’ll get an extra entry into this contest

Winners will be selected by Friday evening at 5pm

Ps. If you’re in Ontario my friends, be sure to visit Winter Wheat this holiday season- What a quaint little shop!

Located just outside of Sparta- Spend the day walking the gardens & getting in the holiday spirit with some ol’ fashion shopping!

It’s a ‘Pinterest’ heaven! Promise!


And on another positive note- my blog is in the midst of getting a total makeover- from the talented Ashley @ ‘After Nine to Five’- So excited for this!!! Check out her blog & work at www.afterninetofive.net  – And for all my vegan friends out there, look at her Gnarly Whale products in her Vegan Body Shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheGnarlyWhale

Boy have I got to get me some of this! From now until November 11th- 50% of the shops proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Sandy efforts.

Didn’t I say it was the season to give back!? What a great cause to support!

Happy Friday ya’ll! xo



When hungry & in doubt- the ol’ trusty grilled cheese is sure to be an easy lunch time treat.

But how boring… and unhealthy- is two processed slices of cheese melted in butter between two white pieces of bread.

Very boring. Little nutrition

One of my ultimate favourite little coffee shops is The Brown Dog Cafe in Paris, ON- & I am faithful to ordering their ‘Retriever’ sandwich every single time! The drive to Paris every day for this sandwich is a little unrealistic, so I thought ‘Hey! These could easily be made at home’-

All you need is :

Two slices of rye bread-yes rye, don’t waste your time with plain ol’ white bread or even whole wheat for that matter. The rye flavour makes this sandwich!

Crumbled feta cheese- as much as you wish

Fresh spinach

Garlic powder (Not garlic salt. Nobody needs extra sodium these days)

Roasted red peppers- now, make your life real easy and just buy canned roasted red peppers in a jar at your local grocery or health food store. I purchase mine from Costco- & they are fantastic!

Load all the ingredients up on the rye bread & add the top piece of bread.

I personally use my George Forman grill to make this into a ‘panini-type’ sandwich- but you could just make it in a frying pan like your standard grilled cheese, if you must

Let it simmer for a bit so the cheese gets soft- Feta doesn’t really melt- so don’t base it on that

& Voila-  You have a creamy, tasty, & creative ‘grilled cheese’.

If you’re feeling really adventurous- Spread a layer of avocado on the inside of the sandwich (before you grill it of course) – Adds a ‘creamy-sauce-like’ texture. Plus, Avocado is one of the most nutritionally complete foods out there, so eat it up!

Your hair & skin will thank you!

Try this recipe out- & when you do, I want to hear about it! Comment below

And because I’ve been behind on some photos- what better way to kick off a dreary day than by bringing some Sunshine into everyone’s lives-

What a little fish! If that didn’t make you smile- I’m not sure what will!

Amidst our house renovations- we managed to ‘hire’ a little helper to oversee the building of the deck

Thankfully we only had to pay him in dill pickles

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

Off to get a FREE Skim-milk Mocha from McDonalds & hit the open road for a Fall cruise with Lane

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What an honour! We’ve just been featured on The Review Wire’s list of Companies That Give Back for 2012

Check it out here – http://www.thereviewwire.com/2012/10/01/breast-cancer-companies-that-give-back-2012-the-review-wire/

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We’re back in Stratford Ontario this Thursday for another Tans for Cans event in support of the Stratford House of Blessing- bring a non-perishable food item, in exchange for a FREE spray tan from our home mist tanning unit

That’s right- we said FREE!

Tell your friends who are in the area!

Happy Monday everyone

– Tropic Spa

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So time is limited- amidst raising my little bundle of joy, keeping up with some sort of a social life, & doing my PR work of course- but one thing I DO NOT MISS is the episodes of The Voice & Xfactor

Don’t bother with Canadian Idol or American Idol- the talent doesn’t even compare (sorry folks)

If you don’t watch the shows, I highly suggest you check them out. You’ll be amazed. Here’s some highlights of the first few episodes-

These boys from Emblem 3, what rad dudes. If only I were 18 again.


I’m betting their original tune will be on radios in next few months- Summer theme song for 2013 yes?

And of course, there was still the wacky & wonderful- this fella, er- female, has better legs then me!


But my ultimate… ultimate favourite- is that of Ms. Cassadee Pope. She killed her audition. Although, I’m not sure how fair it is to have someone audition who has more than 4 million videos views on her Youtube- with her previous band, Hey Monday. But, meh. I loved her then. And I love her even more now

I’ve found a new love for this tune.  I honestly have listened to this on repeat every day since it aired.

Turn up your speakers!


And just to pay some tribute to the UK’s version of Xfactor- afterall, it did come first

Check out this stud. What a story


Ps. If you’re in London area tonight- come out for our quick little Tan for Cans event with Tropic Spa (www.tropicspatv.com) Get a FREE spray tan (hello healthy skin, goodbye UV rays) with the donaton of non-perishable food item. Walk in from 6 to 8pm at the Arden Park Hotel, Suite 230

If anyone is in the Woodstock area on October 20th- come out to the Lights & Sirens Charity Ball in support of WDDS. What a fun night to get glammed up & win some awesome prizes at the silent auction. Want tickets? Inquire with me!

Check out more event details at: www.lightsandsirens.ca



As promised-

& just because its dreary day- and we all need to get this video going viral- as the talented creator,

Yan Chaymann, deserves it!


Blog it, tweet it, facebook it, share it, pin it. Help this get thousands of views.

“…Because we are all superheroes’.

Did a shoot a few weeks back- okay like a month back, with my friend Jenn Huynh- what a talented girl.

If you have ever been to this blog, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention Bloom Photography before (www.bloomphotography.ca)

Can’t wait to show you some shots. Nothing like having some photos with a beloved family member- my moccassins.

Stay tuned!

Ps. Is it just me, or is everyone fighting a cold!? Hello Fall! Wah!

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Hey everyone!

What a dreary day here in Canada- definately challenging to get a tan in this weather-

Great time to come out and get your ‘tan’ on at one of our ‘Tans for Cans’- FREE Spray Tan Events Tonight!

Stratford Arden Park Hotel, Suite 505 from 6 to 8pm! Bring a canned good in support of the Stratford House of Blessing

If you didn’t get the chance to check out our radio interview on 107.7fm- check it out here-


Or you can find the audio clip on  the 107.7fm website-


Hope to see you all tonight!

Want us to hold one in your area? Sponsor an event? Let us know on Twitter @tropicspa

Happy Thursday Everyone!

– Tropic Spa

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Another year has come & gone- hard to believe!

Was kind of MIA most of the weekend- so I apologize for the delayed post-

Want to thank some of my good ol’ pals for coming out with me for a little dinner soiree & dancing on Saturday- I’m so thankful to have such supportive pals who continue to make me smile each & every day!

I was even fortunate enough to receive some goodies from my family & girls- Yeehaw! ‘Presents’ weren’t necessary- as I appreciated their ‘presence’ even more (xoxo)

Also got a Groupon from my parentals for a night away in the Sheraton in Niagara! Cha-ching!

Boy I needed a little getaway- Lane, Adam & I had so much fun! What a lovely birthday gift- thanks ma & pa!

Here’s some shots from the little vacay-

The above pictures are from the Butterfly Conservatory- sure butterflies are pretty. But not worth the $15 admission price per person, thats for sure. And Lane…. he wasn’t thrilled about the whole experience.

View from our room at The Sheraton- So pretty!

Went for a delicious dinner at the Fallsview restaurant above The Sheraton- delicious buffet. Pricey pricey- but definately worth it. Here’s the view from our table

And a happy birthday to me! Made Adam have a Jolly Rancher martini with me- Reeeeelaxation anyone!?

The famjam on the giant ferris wheel. I wasn’t a fan- my thrill seeking boys loved it though. Go figure

More on the ferris wheel! Gave me the heeby jeebys.


Somewhere over the rainbow- Maid of theMist. Packed as usual.

Our hotel- Great place to stay!

Walking the “Journey Behind the Falls’- Lane loved it- My makeup didnt. And we both hated our ponchos

The two little daredevils. Like father like son I say.

All tuckered out! Bless his little heart ❤

Thanks again everyone! Especially my Ma & Pa & Adam! What a great way to ring in my 24th year!

“The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday!”- Paris Hilton

C xo


Hey everyone-

Check out the clip from MTV star- Farrah Abraham, dishing on her Tropic Spa home mist spray tan unit!


Want to get a unit? Visit us at www.tropicspatv.com – Don’t forget to look at the Fall promotion, no better time to get one of our units so you can spray tan in the comfort of your own home!

A big shout out to Ms. Abraham for the positive feedback, we love hearing positive feedback & wish you the best in your endeavours!

Looking for more information on our product- visit the website, follow the blog- or check us out on Twitter @tropicspa

If you’re in the Stratford Ontario area this Thursday- come try out a FREE spray tan from Tropic Spa from 6 to 8pm at Arden Park Hotel, Suite 505. Donations graciously accepted to the Stratford House of Blessing

See ya’ll there!

-Tropic Spa Tan

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What an amazing video! Yan Chaymann my man- you have truly outdone yourself with this little video-

Can’t wait to see the great things it will do! So real & so inspiring- it was a pleasure helping you out with it

Help this video go viral- tweet it, blog it, pin it, share it, post link on your Facebook-

If it’s touched your heart, the way it touches mine- pay it forward!


Thanks ya’ll! xo

Quote of the day: Nothing! This video’s got all the inspiration you need! 😉

And a little sneak peek from our photo shoot the other day- so impressed as always

xo C