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I know I’m late- but don’t worry, I did celebrate Lane’s 1st birthday in style, on his actual day of birth: January 19th.

I’m just a fashionably late on this post… no surprise there.

>Well Laner, It’s hard to believe that you are already a year old. No statement stands truer to this past year then “Time flies when you’re having fun”. I’m truly having the best time being your mother- there is not a moment I take forgranted with you… even when I’m changing a stinky diaper.

You are truly shaping me into a much better person. I’m finally learning a thing or two about patience- which, coming from the girl who’s motto used to be “P is for Pozza, Not for Patience’- that’s a pretty remarkable thing. And best of all, I’m learning to be a person that I hope you’d be proud to call your mother.

Each & everyday you amaze me. You find joys in the simplest things of life. Whether you find a dusty ol’ cheerio under a chair, or see a familiar face walk in the door- you’re always sporting the best fashion accessory of all: your beaming smile.

It truly is infectious. A real work of art.

I never really thought I wanted to be a mom- I mean, I figured one day… in a far off land- far far away… I’d perhaps want to step up to the challenge of motherhood. But if I had only known then, what I know now- I would of been tickled pink to know what amazing gift was coming my way.

You’re my best friend.
You’re the best teacher.
You’re the best listener.
You’re the best gift.
You’re the best part of me.
You’re the best hero.
You’re the best baby I never knew I always wanted.

And although, I want you to stay my little ‘munkin’ forever physically- I know you can’t stay ‘Peter Pan’ forever and I look forward to seeing the wonderful little man you’re already becoming.

But… at the end of the day. You will always… always be my little boy.

To the closest thing to heaven I know- my son Lane
We love you so much! xox





Hey all!

Hope everyone had an absolutely fantastic holiday season! Can’t believe it’s come & gone already- with 2013 fast approaching

I want to thank all of my family & friends- who made my holiday absolutely amazing. Of course, celebrating Lane’s 1st Christmas with him was one of the greatest joys of all! I can hardly even imagine what my Christmases were like without him-

Boy, were we all spoiled! Amidst Lane’s mountain of goodies- he received this really adorable mini chair

Check it out- definitely the nicest piece of furniture I own at this point in time

Attended a really fantastic church service Christmas eve- definitely does make you take a moment to slow down & pay tribute to the real Reason for the season. As someone wise once told me- the Grinch himself-

” Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store- Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more!”

So I challenge you- for 2013- to carry the same type of hope.. joy… & generosity throughout the year- Because yesterday is history- tomorrow is a mystery, & today is a gift- that’s why they call it the ‘present’.

Bless ya’ll!


Glad to be a part of this! Consultant specials for January- Msg me!


28133_128577330504002_118008391560896_240876_7936559_nTropic Spa Retails Home Mist Spray Tan Units With New Direct Sales Program
(For Immediate Release-Toronto,ON-London,ON: December 14 2012)— Who doesn’t like the look of a tan? Some are turning away from UV beds- where others just don’t have the time nor money to invest in working on a year-round ‘glow’- And so the spray tan was born. Canadian-born company, Tropic Spa Inc.- has created a home mist spray tan unit that provides users with a natural-looking tan at the touch of a button.
The application itself is fairly simple. After exfoliation- the user manually rotates for twelve second duration while the Tropic Spa unit sprays them with an initially clear tan solution- that develops in 3-5 hours. There is no bronzer in the solution, as to minimize any colour residue on walls & floors. The spray tan itself lasts anywhere from 3-5 days & can simple be exfoliated off…

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Most of you know, I’ve been so happy to have worked with Tropic Spa Inc the past few months as one of their publicists- but I’m even more excited to announce that the company has just launched a direct sales opportunity!


If you don’t know about the company already (you must live under a rock)- they retail home spray tan units. Yes, the day has come where you can finally get a fairly affordable spray tan in the comfort of your own home! Unit hangs on the back of door & at press of a button and a manual rotation, you’ll have a natural looking glow in 3-5 hours.

Now, in all honesty my friends- it does take some time to master the art of a spray tan. If you don’t time your turn or rub in the solution just right- you will have some minor touch ups to apply. However, usually by the third trial- you will have got it pretty down pat!

The unit retails at $300 + SH+ Tax- however, this includes 10 tans- which usually retail at $100. So essentially, you’re getting your unit for just $200.

Now- about the business…

You, as a consultant- will earn 25% commission on all of your personal sales – for those without a calculator, or mathematician brains- that’s $75 per unit sale & $25 per refill kit.

Say you get 5 customers- & they each order a refill kit per month- you’ll be making an extra $125 per month. Not bad. Not great. But definitely could buy you a fancy new pair of shoes-


Now if you share the business & get some recruits under you- you’ll receive 5% of their sales. This is where your business builds!

Say you had 5 customers, 5 consultants, & they found 5- you’d be getting about $525 in commission a month-

Now we’re talking!

What better thing than to get paid for your performance – & get a discount on your own product at the same time!

The best part- the new people you’ll meet & work with

Can’t wait to keep everyone updated on our conventions & seminars coming up-

If you’re interested in the opportunity- please don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

Ps. Did we mention MTV’s Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham has been rockin’ our unit lately? How neat!


& in the spirit of Tropic Spa- Day 3 of my giveaway is for the first 3 people who comment on this blog post below-

They will each receive 1 FREE can of our sample spray solution- as seen in photo above with Farrah.

I spray this on my face/shoulder area every night before bed- & when I wake up in the AM – voila!

Nice little tan- & saves me from having to wear any concealer- Bonus!

Good luck folks! Off to get some Christmas shopping done-

Hopefully for good!



Hey everyone!

Well amidst the decent viewership on the blog yesterday- nobody won the Backstage Bar & Grill Appetizer. So whomever tweets me first- @caylpozza with their favourite holiday movie title- WINS it! Again, restaurant is in Stratford ON- so only enter if you are in that relative area or can make the trek

What’s up for grabs for my 12 Days of Giveaways on Day 2?

A set of Rio Rox Fashion Bra Straps! What a cute little way to jazz up a ‘blah’ bra strap at a festive Christmas party or New Years Eve outfit-


These easily fit on any bra that has the option for interchangeable bra straps-

Check out their products @ & like them on Twitter @getyourroxon

This giveaway is open to anyone in the US & Canada- to enter, please leave a comment below AND Follow Rio Rox on Twitter @getyourroxon

Hurry, Contest closes tonight at 10pm

PS. Lucky me- went to catch a Carrie Underwood concert last night @ Budweiser Gardens- What a great show!! She looked & sounded absolutely stellar- & when we showed up, we were pleasantly surprised to have been given a complimentary seat upgrade to some fabulous seats- What a nice surprise!

Thanks to my friend Darci who so kindly invited me!


Oh & an even better surprise- I had no idea that Hunter Hayes was one of the opening acts – Have mercy! He can sing me ‘Wanted’ anytime.


IMG_2313 IMG_2314 IMG_2317 IMG_2322

Pretty decent Thursday for the most part I must say!

Happy Friday ya’ll!





Hey yall!

First off- I have no idea how to get my apostrophes to go back to looking like apostrophes- rather than this è

Help…. Apparently Im not as tech saavy as hoped

As the holidays near closer- Ill be doing a few giveaways to some lucky readers to help make their holidays just a tad merrier!

Whether you keep the prize for yourself or give it to someone you love- help spread the holiday cheer!

Thanks to all my sponsors whove donated- should anyone else be interested in participating, please email me asap

Prize that is up for grabs today-



Check them out on Facebook at or on their personal website:
Please note, this restaurant is only in Stratford ON- so if youre going to enter, please keep that in mind!

How to win- Follow me on Twitter @caylpozza if you aren’t already & Tweet me your favourite holiday movie to be entered in a draw to win

Stay tuned for tomorrows new giveaway!

In the spirit of Christmas- A family friend- Ms. Rose, took a few quick shots for our holiday card this year- Go figure its the one day Lane cant even muster up a smile. But either way, love them!




Cayley Christmas

Oh, & PS- Off to see Carrie Underwood tonight in London at the newly named Budweiser Centre- Cant wait to rock out to her girl anthem- UNDO IT

Check it out-

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Hey girls (& fellas)

My dear friend Dina, came to me the other week as she was so excited to launch Alexa’s Room Lingerie in the Stratford ON area- as there is a dire need in the area.

“ALEXAS ROOM was established in 2008 out in the west Coast and I am so excited to not only be bringing them to Stratford but all of Ontario.” states Dina Noble. Determined to ensure woman of all shapes and sizes feel sexy, without breaking the bank, ALEXAS ROOM has beautiful, high quality lingerie, corsets, hosiery, accessories, club wear and costumes from sassy to sweet. Elegant, fun & flirty its merchandise is designed to bring out your personality and accentuate your best features.

You can enjoy a birthday party, bridal shower, stagette or a simple girls night while benefitting from the 10% hostess thank-you while just simply socializing, celebrating and having fun with your girlfriends or enjoy a more discreet one-on-one consultation to choose the right pieces for your special occasion.

That’s right- there’s no store. She will come to you! What a neat idea for a ladies night. And men, what easier way to buy something special for your lady then by having a one-on-one consultation with Alexas Room?

To check out some of the products or for more information be sure to check out their Facebook page. Oh, & don’t forget to ‘Like’ it to stay up-to-date on other promotions!/pages/Alexas-Room-Lingerie-Stratford-Ontario/227254620738260

If you want more information that you can’t find on FB – please contact Dina at

Wishing you the best Dina! You’ll do fabulous in the business



Some more holiday coverage on our home mist tan unit in Luxury Report Magazine

What a great season for holiday giveaways- We want to thank Liz @ The Pepper & Her Pup ( & Danielle @ Framed Frosting ( for hosting some fabulous giveaways with us- some lucky winners won $100 vouchers! Happy Holidays to you!


Now if all this isn’t exciting enough for you-

We are so thrilled to announce our launch of our new direct sales program-

Looking to work from home? At your own pace?

Guys, girls- We want you!  Passionate people, who love & use our product-

Contact us! Please follow us on Twitter @tropicspa for more information & comment below with your email address to receive more

Happy Monday everyone!


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What an honour! We’ve just been featured on The Review Wire’s list of Companies That Give Back for 2012

Check it out here –

Want to recieve current updates & exciting promotions? Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @tropicspa

We’re back in Stratford Ontario this Thursday for another Tans for Cans event in support of the Stratford House of Blessing- bring a non-perishable food item, in exchange for a FREE spray tan from our home mist tanning unit

That’s right- we said FREE!

Tell your friends who are in the area!

Happy Monday everyone

– Tropic Spa

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Hey everyone!

What a dreary day here in Canada- definately challenging to get a tan in this weather-

Great time to come out and get your ‘tan’ on at one of our ‘Tans for Cans’- FREE Spray Tan Events Tonight!

Stratford Arden Park Hotel, Suite 505 from 6 to 8pm! Bring a canned good in support of the Stratford House of Blessing

If you didn’t get the chance to check out our radio interview on 107.7fm- check it out here-


Or you can find the audio clip on  the 107.7fm website-

Hope to see you all tonight!

Want us to hold one in your area? Sponsor an event? Let us know on Twitter @tropicspa

Happy Thursday Everyone!

– Tropic Spa

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