Only a good 24 days past due- but I’m finally onto making some resolutions for the New Year.

They say it’s better to call them ‘Life Changes’ instead of ‘Resolutions’ because you’re more apt to stick with them that way? Weird.

Well here it is- written in black and white- My ‘Life Changes’ for 2013:

I forbid myself from biting my nails. Horrible habit- although it does seem to keep stress at bay.

Get up an hour earlier- before the rest of my household & get a head start on the day

Donate blood 3-5 more times: Give the gift of life

No more speeding tickets! This one is a big challenge for me. I actually think I was born with a brick foot.

Change 10 everyday household products to ‘ALL NATURAL’- “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time”. My current favourites come from Canadian-company, Green Beaver

Be present with my son- less phone, less text- more him! Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Limit television to 1 hour a day- limit Facebook/Twitter to 30 minutes a day. Being in PR- this is going to be a challenge. But there’s so many more productive things I can be doing- rather than being sucked into the social media vortex.

No swearing! So tacky. I don’t think I swear very much- but it’s not until you forbid yourself from using those nasty words after stubbing your toe, that you realize how often you do in fact, use them.

Focus on my faith- Learn to walk by Faith- not by sight. More church, more prayer- more hope.

Well, there you have it folks- I can’t back out of these now! So if you see me in passing, biting my nails- be sure to elbow me to stop.

On a new subject- just got back from Florida last week- what fabulous weather! A nice change considering the cold front we’re all getting here in Canada right now. Spent the week with my beloved Aunt at her place: visited the beach, spent some time shopping, & just took some time to ‘breathe’. Sometimes we get so caught up in ‘doing’- that we forget to just ‘exist’- just ‘breathe’.. just ‘be’.



Couldn’t help but stop at Disneyworld- I mean, who goes to Florida without re-visiting their youth at Disney!? The place truly is amazing. There is no other place, where you can see infants & seniors- riding the same ride, singing the same tune, or enjoying the same scenery.

Some people said “well why waste your money taking Lane to Disney, he won’t remember it at that age”. Honestly- this saddens me. If every parent lived by that statement ‘they won’t remember it at that age’, then what a sad sad childhood your child would lead. How unstimulated would they be? It’s the little things that mold your children into the amazing-beings that you hope they will become. So what better way to inspire Laner than by showing him a little slice of magic- here on earth- Disney.

I want him to know to believe in the impossible- afterall, it all started with a mouse.

And most of all, in the wise words of Walt himself “If you can dream it, you can do it”


“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in this world” – Walt Disney

C – xox



Hey yall!

First off- I have no idea how to get my apostrophes to go back to looking like apostrophes- rather than this è

Help…. Apparently Im not as tech saavy as hoped

As the holidays near closer- Ill be doing a few giveaways to some lucky readers to help make their holidays just a tad merrier!

Whether you keep the prize for yourself or give it to someone you love- help spread the holiday cheer!

Thanks to all my sponsors whove donated- should anyone else be interested in participating, please email me asap

Prize that is up for grabs today-



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How to win- Follow me on Twitter @caylpozza if you aren’t already & Tweet me your favourite holiday movie to be entered in a draw to win

Stay tuned for tomorrows new giveaway!

In the spirit of Christmas- A family friend- Ms. Rose, took a few quick shots for our holiday card this year- Go figure its the one day Lane cant even muster up a smile. But either way, love them!




Cayley Christmas

Oh, & PS- Off to see Carrie Underwood tonight in London at the newly named Budweiser Centre- Cant wait to rock out to her girl anthem- UNDO IT

Check it out-

Happy Thursday Everyone!


My oh’ my ya’ll- how thankful am I for such awesome readers! I haven’t even had a post in weeks (my bad) – & I’m getting great stats from this blog.

How grateful am I!? Honoured

It’s been a crazy few weeks- Lane started swim lessons- what a little fish

Disregard his grumpy face- he actually loved it! Honest

The other week- we invited a slew of our friends over to catch the Woodstock parade with us. Luckily for them, you can watch it right from our front porch.

Complimented with vegetarian chili, peppermint hot chocolate, & other goodies-

It was a great night for all! Here’s to next year-

Keeping with the holiday spirit- want to take a few minutes to thank everyone who came out to show their support at Juliana’s Ugly Sweater Party on Saturday-

The weather scared some people off- but the group that did come out was a blast!

Thanks for all the door proceeds raised that will be donated to Operation Sharing-

Tis the season for giving back! Hope to see you all next year-

Tis the season- a busy season.

So take time to sip your peppermint hot chocolate. Sport a pair of homemade mittens. Spread some holiday cheer. Sing carols at the top of your lungs. Kiss under the mistletoe. Make memories with your loved ones- & reminisce about memories with loved ones who’ve passed. Thank your guardian angels. Watch the Grinch. Give back. Say your prayers. & Remember the real Reason for the season.

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As promised-

& just because its dreary day- and we all need to get this video going viral- as the talented creator,

Yan Chaymann, deserves it!

Blog it, tweet it, facebook it, share it, pin it. Help this get thousands of views.

“…Because we are all superheroes’.

Did a shoot a few weeks back- okay like a month back, with my friend Jenn Huynh- what a talented girl.

If you have ever been to this blog, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention Bloom Photography before (

Can’t wait to show you some shots. Nothing like having some photos with a beloved family member- my moccassins.

Stay tuned!

Ps. Is it just me, or is everyone fighting a cold!? Hello Fall! Wah!

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What an amazing video! Yan Chaymann my man- you have truly outdone yourself with this little video-

Can’t wait to see the great things it will do! So real & so inspiring- it was a pleasure helping you out with it

Help this video go viral- tweet it, blog it, pin it, share it, post link on your Facebook-

If it’s touched your heart, the way it touches mine- pay it forward!

Thanks ya’ll! xo

Quote of the day: Nothing! This video’s got all the inspiration you need! 😉

And a little sneak peek from our photo shoot the other day- so impressed as always

xo C


Back on Civic Weekend- yes, I know- that was a month ago! The family ventured up to Lanark, Ontario for a little visit-

What a nice little getaway I must say.

It’s honestly in the middle of no where. The nearest restaurant is a french fry truck down the street (not that that’s a problem. Who doens’t love french fries loaded in vinegar!?)

Took some time out to venture out of Lanark and take a drive to Perth, Ontario  ( or (

What a cute little town! The entire downtown is made up of old stone buildings & rustic architecture- my favourite.

Check out some of the photos from the day-

If you don’t mind driving- I personally love road trips- then make the hike to Perth for a weekend! Especially this Fall- I can only imagine how fabulous it will look complimented by the Fall colours!

On a totally unrelated note- vote for me in the Buffalo Trace contest- for my chance to win $3000! Just imagine how many chai tea lattes that would by me (and you!) 😉

You may have to create a free profile to vote- but I’d appreciate it! You can vote once a day!! Whomever votes the most- I will award dinner to! Just comment on here every day when you vote- under this post

My main man Laner won the other week in his local fair’s baby contest-sure he was the only contestant in his age bracket haha, but perhaps the other competition heard he was coming- so they knew it was best to stay at home! haha

Lane’s future girlfriend, Harper- also rocked her age category and pulled out a big win.

This picture can be summed up in one sentence- ” Oh, the sweet taste of victory!”

Thanks all!

And today’s happy thought of the day is…

“Go out on a limb. Afterall, isn’t that where all the fruit is?”



Ventured to Hamilton’s Princess Point park the other day, with  my friend Kristen for a last minute end-of summer shoot with talented Yan Markovich.

Thankfully the weather held off on us- and we were able to get some awesome shots in the sunshine

Here’s a sneek peek at a handful of them!

& because he’s always the one behind the camera- we had to get a captured moment with this creative fellow-

What a fun day! Of course, he didnt like my concept that I wanted to do- that included tequila, sombreros & moracas. Maybe next time eh Yan!?

Be sure to ‘Like’ his page on Facebook- he deserves it!!/MarkovichPhotography

Finally- not that I’m a photographer or anything.. but I do have one of the best models on the planet…

My main man Laners! What a little monkey!

While I’m on the topic of photography-

Tuesday we’ll be doing a fun little outdoor shoot with my beloved Jenn Huynh @

If you’re in the area- & interested in participating that day, let me know!

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Happy Thirsty Thursday ya’ll!



Here’s a sneak peek of Lane’s baptism- what a beautiful day, shared with beautiful friends & family!

Thanks to Carolyn @ – who captured some of these treasured moments!

Ps. On a totally unrelated note- hope ya’ll got your free slurpees today a la’ 7-11!

PPS. I’m utterly crushed that Sean was sent home on Bachelorette. Miss Emily Maynard- Sean would look way better baking pancakes Sunday morning shirtless in your kitchen- then Arie. Blah.

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To rain.. or not to rain. That looks like the question.

I’d really like to head on out for some fresh air & a brisk walk. But, the weather looks pretty unpredictable. So..

What better time to do a quick blog post!

Haven’t been keeping up-to-date on photos, but here’s a recent photo of the family. Lane could only be so lucky to have a giant Clydesdale as his first pet!

Definately need to get riding Ames this summer. Mind you, she absolutely hates being outside. Hate doesn’t even begin to describe her loathing for the great outdoors. Seriously. The minute you let the brute out of the barn, she’ll do anything to get back inside… including barrelling down the entire fenced pasture.

And whats more beautiful than watching a free horse gallop across the country-side? Speaking of horses, check out to see how you can help out a local equine (that means horse) organization. Instead of buying Timmies 7 times this week, take the $15 & send a nice cheque to Heaven Can Wait. It will make you feel WAY better than those coffees.

The animals will thank you. And so will your unstained pearly white teeth.

Mucho gracious!

& whether or not there’s any sunshine, will not be effecting my tan any longer. Yeehaw!

I’ve just signed on to try the new Tropic Spa mist tanning unit, that works- wait for it…. in the comfort of your OWN HOME!

Say goodbye to pricey spray tans, messy & uneven lotions, & dangerous tanning beds- Hello Tropic Spa!

Check out the website at for more information- but if you’re in my area, let me know & I’d be happy to treat you to one FREE ‘tan!’

Stay tuned for more news on this exciting endeavour in the near future!

And again, if you haven’t voted for me on Bloom Photography’s facebook page- What the heck are you waiting for!? It’s easy:

Go here:!/

Click ‘Like’

Type ‘Cayley Pozza referred me’ or something to that nature, in the comment box!

Voila! You’ve shown your awesome support & helped me get one step closer to winning a prized portrait session from the talented Ms. Jenn Huynh herself!

Happy Wednesday everyone! xo

“It’s an empty road on that extra mile” 


This crew never fails to amaze me. And inspire me

andddddd have me looking forward to all things Halloween. Ghosts, Goblings, & Candy Apples- oh my!

And to my dear friend Chantalle- who just discovered this blog, may you enjoy catching up on my life through this- and only this.

“fool me once, shame on you- fool me twice, shame on me

On a positive note- Jenn Huynh of Bloom Photography- you never cease to brighten up my day with your amazing photos!

And my personal favourite! obviously! the delicious specimen we call- Garlic! Mmmm MMmm!

Be sure to check out her work! or if you’re looking for maternity shots, family shots, engagement shots, wedding shots-

or heck, even garlic shots! give her a shout!

Ps. Dont forget to scoop up your Club Dread tickets! it’s worth the small trek to St. Marys! It’ll be a hoot!

cp xo