Hey everyone!

Well amidst the decent viewership on the blog yesterday- nobody won the Backstage Bar & Grill Appetizer. So whomever tweets me first- @caylpozza with their favourite holiday movie title- WINS it! Again, restaurant is in Stratford ON- so only enter if you are in that relative area or can make the trek

What’s up for grabs for my 12 Days of Giveaways on Day 2?

A set of Rio Rox Fashion Bra Straps! What a cute little way to jazz up a ‘blah’ bra strap at a festive Christmas party or New Years Eve outfit-


These easily fit on any bra that has the option for interchangeable bra straps-

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Hurry, Contest closes tonight at 10pm

PS. Lucky me- went to catch a Carrie Underwood concert last night @ Budweiser Gardens- What a great show!! She looked & sounded absolutely stellar- & when we showed up, we were pleasantly surprised to have been given a complimentary seat upgrade to some fabulous seats- What a nice surprise!

Thanks to my friend Darci who so kindly invited me!


Oh & an even better surprise- I had no idea that Hunter Hayes was one of the opening acts – Have mercy! He can sing me ‘Wanted’ anytime.


IMG_2313 IMG_2314 IMG_2317 IMG_2322

Pretty decent Thursday for the most part I must say!

Happy Friday ya’ll!






Hey yall!

First off- I have no idea how to get my apostrophes to go back to looking like apostrophes- rather than this è

Help…. Apparently Im not as tech saavy as hoped

As the holidays near closer- Ill be doing a few giveaways to some lucky readers to help make their holidays just a tad merrier!

Whether you keep the prize for yourself or give it to someone you love- help spread the holiday cheer!

Thanks to all my sponsors whove donated- should anyone else be interested in participating, please email me asap

Prize that is up for grabs today-



Check them out on Facebook at or on their personal website:
Please note, this restaurant is only in Stratford ON- so if youre going to enter, please keep that in mind!

How to win- Follow me on Twitter @caylpozza if you aren’t already & Tweet me your favourite holiday movie to be entered in a draw to win

Stay tuned for tomorrows new giveaway!

In the spirit of Christmas- A family friend- Ms. Rose, took a few quick shots for our holiday card this year- Go figure its the one day Lane cant even muster up a smile. But either way, love them!




Cayley Christmas

Oh, & PS- Off to see Carrie Underwood tonight in London at the newly named Budweiser Centre- Cant wait to rock out to her girl anthem- UNDO IT

Check it out-

Happy Thursday Everyone!


So time is limited- amidst raising my little bundle of joy, keeping up with some sort of a social life, & doing my PR work of course- but one thing I DO NOT MISS is the episodes of The Voice & Xfactor

Don’t bother with Canadian Idol or American Idol- the talent doesn’t even compare (sorry folks)

If you don’t watch the shows, I highly suggest you check them out. You’ll be amazed. Here’s some highlights of the first few episodes-

These boys from Emblem 3, what rad dudes. If only I were 18 again.

I’m betting their original tune will be on radios in next few months- Summer theme song for 2013 yes?

And of course, there was still the wacky & wonderful- this fella, er- female, has better legs then me!

But my ultimate… ultimate favourite- is that of Ms. Cassadee Pope. She killed her audition. Although, I’m not sure how fair it is to have someone audition who has more than 4 million videos views on her Youtube- with her previous band, Hey Monday. But, meh. I loved her then. And I love her even more now

I’ve found a new love for this tune.  I honestly have listened to this on repeat every day since it aired.

Turn up your speakers!

And just to pay some tribute to the UK’s version of Xfactor- afterall, it did come first

Check out this stud. What a story

Ps. If you’re in London area tonight- come out for our quick little Tan for Cans event with Tropic Spa ( Get a FREE spray tan (hello healthy skin, goodbye UV rays) with the donaton of non-perishable food item. Walk in from 6 to 8pm at the Arden Park Hotel, Suite 230

If anyone is in the Woodstock area on October 20th- come out to the Lights & Sirens Charity Ball in support of WDDS. What a fun night to get glammed up & win some awesome prizes at the silent auction. Want tickets? Inquire with me!

Check out more event details at:



Never know who you may run into on a typical day- today Justin Beiber was found ‘busking’ infront of the Avon Theatre, at the intermission of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, here in Stratford Ontario

I can only imagine how much coin he stacked up in that empty guitar case- hopefully donated to a good cause I hope.

My pocket preferably.

Also, would like to send out a big Happy Fathers Day to my own papa- Big Poppa P. Thanks for teaching me to stand up for what I believe in- even if I’m standing alone. Thanks for teaching me that a good left-hook is more important than algebra. And that family is the most important thing of all.

What a good looking fella you are! Much love dad! xo

A father is a son’s first hero, & a daughter’s first love’



I absolutely love this song. The original blew me away as my ‘girl-power’ anthem for 2012, then Glee (ps. Glee killed it tonight with their Whitney Houston tributes) made it even larger.. & now-

My friend Mr. Miles Homewood- yes, the ol’ Stereos guitar man-

Has introduced me to the voice of talented Karli Bortolotto

Check her out! Show some love for this lady! I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of her soon!

Also- looking for a SAFE way to tan. C’mon now- that leathered, weathered- chicken wing look just doesnt look good on your beautiful face. So hence why Spray Tans are the way to go!

Check out this new booth- that operates in your home. Yes your home! No more going out to pricey salons & paying huge bucks. This is it folks! It pays itself off in just a few tans.

Looking to try or purchase? Let me know! Offer available all across North America

I’ve been waiting for something this affordable & convenient- for quite some time now! yeehaw!

Happy tanning! xo


Okay okay- don’t drop kick me. But The Voice’s Chris Cauley & Tony Lucca totally blew the socks off Bono’s rendition of ‘Beautiful Day’

Don’t believe me? Listen to this version- then listen to Bonos. Wayyyy more heart in this version I say!

& because Youtube probably disabled the version above unless you go right to the site- which I recommend, because the video adds to it! – just listen to this less than professional, audio version below.

So sad that either one of these boys had to get voted off- this was definately ‘finale’ worthy. Dont worry Chris- you’ll go far! But Mickey Mouse club Tony Lucca brings it!

Also- big huge happy birthday to the beautiful Britt Mattson! Happy birthday little lady! You deserve it! And no better day to celebrate than on the eve of the Bachelor Finale! Giggity giggity!

Let’s go Courtney- let’s go! C’mon folks. Yes she’s mean- but she made this entire season. Ben was no eye candy!

Should’ve stuck with Jesse Metcalfe I say!

& not sure if I ever got any of the Bloom Photography shots up of my main man Lane- but here’s some more!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s a BEEEAAAUTIFUL DAY!

“There are a million beautiful people in the world- but in the end, it all comes down to one”


And I love this tune.

Makes me want to dance in a thunderstorm. On an old dirt road. Surrounded by big withered willow trees. In a Summer dress (..if I owned one)

House reno’s are almost done! (insert choir music here) Halleluiah!
It’s been a long-haul, but it’s looking very cozy! I’ll get some pictures up this week! Thanks to everyone who helped! Again- a big thanks to my ma & pa. Wonderous folk that they are xo

And I went to see the Devil Within Me- in hopes, I could get one last horror flick in this week. It was brutal. Save your mula for something more fulfilling. Like a chai latte.


Oh & a BIG happy birthday to the lovely Mrs. Heather Pearn!! Hope its a great one- you deserve it!



It’s been long overdue- I’m long slacking on this blog lately.

But I definately appreciate all you avid followers who keep checking back on a daily basis- only to be disapointed to see that I haven’t posted any more of my shinanigans.

1st off- watched another fantastic episode of X-factor the other night- Pish posh on Canadian & American Idol- this show’s talent is ridiculous!

Check out Leroy- this guys sixty… yes sixty. I had to rewind it several times because the dude has a better bod, & better style than most twenty-something year olds I know!

And finally- I haven’t bought a CD in years.. shame on me I know- but I would walk my hinney to Walmart this instant, if this talented little mogul- Astro, had a CD on the shelf!

Jay-Z – keep your eyeballs on this kid!

And of course- singing an Eminem classic, sure fire way to my heart!

Side note- what the heck have I been up to this past two weeks?

Well, sadly finished up my contract in St. Marys as the Event Coordinator- very sad to depart, but excited to see what new & exciting things come my way. Every time a window closes, another door opens!

A huge thank you to everyone who made my stay there the most enjoyable- I couldn’t of said it better than the Journal Argus covered in the Letter to the Editor 

Past two weeks, with the help of my favourite parents- okay okay, they are my only parents- but they’d still be my favourite either way! We’ve been busy renovating my own little place to call ‘home’. Would like to get in before Christmas, so I’ve been a busy bee over there day in & day out!

I shall post some photos soon of the transformation in progress!

xo CP


Got to admit, haven’t been an avid-watcher of the X-factor, but this season- I’ve started to watch, here & there.

And I am impressed!

Enjoyed this fellas voice- and of course, he wasn’t too hard on the eyes either- bit too self-absorbed. butttttttt then again- after watching his performance, he has every right to be! meeeeow!

This girl was absolutely amazing- love her cheekiness!

This show blows American/Canadian idol out of the water- jus saying. Talent isn’t even comparable!

And this one.. will make you cry. Honestly.

If you’re looking for an inspiration- this is it. right here.

We love you Chris Rene! xo