>What a dreary rainy Tuesday- the positive side: all the snow is gone & I now have a pool in my backyard…

That being said, you’d think I had a productive day- being confined to the indoors. Not

There is no better excuse to lounge around & spend a day snuggling my little man- than on a ‘rain day’.


Course- do I ever need an excuse to spend a day snuggling him?

Thus… That is why this post is occurring at 11pm at night- as I usually try and pump out all of my work after-hours.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go to VON’s Handbags for Hospice fundraiser, here in Woodstock. I’ve always wanted to go- but the tickets sold out this year the same day they went on sale!
If anyone knows Woodstock- that is an absolute amazing achievement!

More than 600 ladies were in attendance- sorry, no boys except the local firefighters were allowed (I couldn’t complain)

Desserts, purses & purple rain cocktails- oh my! Doesn’t get much better then this ladies!

The event raised more than $75,000 for VON’s Sakura House- a really great cause.

Although I could never afford to bid upwards of $500 on a purse- I do highly recommend going to this event if you ever get the opportunity!

Check out a quick little promo video from this year:

As for Sunday- The family trekked to my dear friend Tanya’s son’s baptism-

So honoured to be able to have been chosen to be little Jackson’s godmother- I guess this means I’ll have to really work on my potty mouth from here on out. All kidding aside, I cannot wait to see the great man you are growing into each and every day.
I can’t wait to see the stories Lane & you rush home from school to tell your mother and I- so we can reminisce about our own crazy childhood memories- while enjoying the beloved memories we are now making as parents to our own little bundles of joy.
What a great day spent with one of my favourite families- The Brays! xo


And just because everyone needs a little 'pick-me-up' each & every day- I thought this quote would be quite appropriate.. especially considering the weather




Hey all!

Hope everyone had an absolutely fantastic holiday season! Can’t believe it’s come & gone already- with 2013 fast approaching

I want to thank all of my family & friends- who made my holiday absolutely amazing. Of course, celebrating Lane’s 1st Christmas with him was one of the greatest joys of all! I can hardly even imagine what my Christmases were like without him-

Boy, were we all spoiled! Amidst Lane’s mountain of goodies- he received this really adorable mini chair

Check it out- definitely the nicest piece of furniture I own at this point in time

Attended a really fantastic church service Christmas eve- definitely does make you take a moment to slow down & pay tribute to the real Reason for the season. As someone wise once told me- the Grinch himself-

” Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store- Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more!”

So I challenge you- for 2013- to carry the same type of hope.. joy… & generosity throughout the year- Because yesterday is history- tomorrow is a mystery, & today is a gift- that’s why they call it the ‘present’.

Bless ya’ll!



My oh’ my ya’ll- how thankful am I for such awesome readers! I haven’t even had a post in weeks (my bad) – & I’m getting great stats from this blog.

How grateful am I!? Honoured

It’s been a crazy few weeks- Lane started swim lessons- what a little fish

Disregard his grumpy face- he actually loved it! Honest

The other week- we invited a slew of our friends over to catch the Woodstock parade with us. Luckily for them, you can watch it right from our front porch.

Complimented with vegetarian chili, peppermint hot chocolate, & other goodies-

It was a great night for all! Here’s to next year-

Keeping with the holiday spirit- want to take a few minutes to thank everyone who came out to show their support at Juliana’s Ugly Sweater Party on Saturday-

The weather scared some people off- but the group that did come out was a blast!

Thanks for all the door proceeds raised that will be donated to Operation Sharing-

Tis the season for giving back! Hope to see you all next year-

Tis the season- a busy season.

So take time to sip your peppermint hot chocolate. Sport a pair of homemade mittens. Spread some holiday cheer. Sing carols at the top of your lungs. Kiss under the mistletoe. Make memories with your loved ones- & reminisce about memories with loved ones who’ve passed. Thank your guardian angels. Watch the Grinch. Give back. Say your prayers. & Remember the real Reason for the season.

xo @caylpozza- follow me on Twitter


Another year has come & gone- hard to believe!

Was kind of MIA most of the weekend- so I apologize for the delayed post-

Want to thank some of my good ol’ pals for coming out with me for a little dinner soiree & dancing on Saturday- I’m so thankful to have such supportive pals who continue to make me smile each & every day!

I was even fortunate enough to receive some goodies from my family & girls- Yeehaw! ‘Presents’ weren’t necessary- as I appreciated their ‘presence’ even more (xoxo)

Also got a Groupon from my parentals for a night away in the Sheraton in Niagara! Cha-ching!

Boy I needed a little getaway- Lane, Adam & I had so much fun! What a lovely birthday gift- thanks ma & pa!

Here’s some shots from the little vacay-

The above pictures are from the Butterfly Conservatory- sure butterflies are pretty. But not worth the $15 admission price per person, thats for sure. And Lane…. he wasn’t thrilled about the whole experience.

View from our room at The Sheraton- So pretty!

Went for a delicious dinner at the Fallsview restaurant above The Sheraton- delicious buffet. Pricey pricey- but definately worth it. Here’s the view from our table

And a happy birthday to me! Made Adam have a Jolly Rancher martini with me- Reeeeelaxation anyone!?

The famjam on the giant ferris wheel. I wasn’t a fan- my thrill seeking boys loved it though. Go figure

More on the ferris wheel! Gave me the heeby jeebys.


Somewhere over the rainbow- Maid of theMist. Packed as usual.

Our hotel- Great place to stay!

Walking the “Journey Behind the Falls’- Lane loved it- My makeup didnt. And we both hated our ponchos

The two little daredevils. Like father like son I say.

All tuckered out! Bless his little heart ❤

Thanks again everyone! Especially my Ma & Pa & Adam! What a great way to ring in my 24th year!

“The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday!”- Paris Hilton

C xo


What an amazing video! Yan Chaymann my man- you have truly outdone yourself with this little video-

Can’t wait to see the great things it will do! So real & so inspiring- it was a pleasure helping you out with it

Help this video go viral- tweet it, blog it, pin it, share it, post link on your Facebook-

If it’s touched your heart, the way it touches mine- pay it forward!

Thanks ya’ll! xo

Quote of the day: Nothing! This video’s got all the inspiration you need! 😉

And a little sneak peek from our photo shoot the other day- so impressed as always

xo C


Hello fellow Bachelorette Fans!

There is absolutely no coincidence whatsoever that Ms. Emily Maynard’s last name is Maynard. She is just so bloody sweet! I may actually love her more than I love Maynards candy. Mmmm fuzzy peaches.


There is no relation by the way. Not that I’m aware of! But there should be!

This girl keeps her cool no matter what- heck, even through this dupes stupidity. Alessandro. You dope. Not only does your hair suck, but your personality is just down-right rude & oh’ so peculiar.

& Kelon, or Kaylen- however you spell it, either way you look at it. You are way to…. (fill in the blank here). But arrogant is one of them!

Check out Alessandro & Keylon (?) on last nights episode, think before you speak boys-

Of course… my favourite part of the entire episode was the delicious Luke Bryan serenading the episode with ‘Drunk on You’.

Let’s pause & glorify this hunk. Halleluiah.

I’m drunk on you Luke Bryan. Heck, I’m you’re regular alcoholic in that case! Meow.

That’s his wife in the video. I guess I’ll catch him on his second marriage.

Ps. Don’t forget to follow @EmilyMaynard on Twitter. Oh, and while you’re there- Follow me too, will ya! @caylpozza

Who do you think will win!?! Comment your predictions! I want to hear them

Night world! Sleep tight!



Pish posh on Hunger Games- Titanic is back!

I don’t even care that it’s in 3-D! Heck, it’s just another chance for me to see this ultimate love story on the big screen

It never gets old. Not any of the 3 hours of it.

If someone could take me to see this- & also purchase me a big bag of Glosette raisins. That’d be amazing!

My heart will go on! Represent!

& side note- super super stoked that the gorgeous Emily Maynard will be the new Bachelorette! Have I mentioned that yet? if not… I’m SUPER stoked that Emily Maynard is the new Bachelorette!

For anyone who is in the mood for giving – & to a great cause- the MS Society-

Sponsor me in the upcoming MS Walk this April 22nd!

$2, $5, $10- EVERYTHING is greatly appreciated! Doesn’t giving make you feel warm & fuzzy inside!?

Follow this link directly to my ‘Sponsor Me’ page!

Beautiful weather! I must say! I’m still expecting it to bust out a snow storm on us anytime now! But it best not

Speaking of beautiful..

Life doesn’t get much more beautiful than that I say! xo

Thursday is the new Friday- go enjoy the patio weather folks!



Okay okay- I’m pretty behind with this post- but with great joy, I’m pleased to announce the safe & happy arrival of Lane Alistair- on January 19th!

Yeehaw- what a bloody cutie!!! (not that I’m biased or anything)


So happy & thankful to finally meet you! & a big merci to all of our friends & family who have shown us unwaivering support & love!!! We are so grateful!

Suddenly the book “I’ll Love You Forever” has such a new place in my heart.

What a tear jerker.

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living,
My baby you’ll be!”

And a big thank you to the talented Jenn Huynh of – who took some adorable newborn shots!

Check some of them out on her blog!

Loving my new little famjam! xo


Holy Hannah Montana! Two days until Christmas! Where does all the time go!?

I tried to cut back this year- but really didn’t succeed at this. All those I love, deserve to get their stockings filled!

Even the naughty ones (ahem… Shelby)

But I must admit- I do need some snow, even just a few flakes to get me in the holiday mood!

A big happy birthday to my pops- Mr. P Diddy Pozza himself!

Thanks for being you- no matter what.

 What you see is what you get- & I like that about you!

You never cease to entertain me on a daily basis- I get the biggest laugh out of your misery- whether your cursing about how I load a dishwasher, or spiting my name because of the dogs; you never fail to put a smile on my face!

Another year older- but I think this quote I found, guarantees us at least another couple decades outs of ya!

” The more you complain, the longer God makes you live!”

Self-explanatory Mr. Pozza! Thanks for all you do for all of us! xo

And on a side note, I can’t believe I was JUST introduced to Marcel the Shell- what the (s)hell!?? Why has nobody pointed me in this little fellow’s direction before!? Absolutely love him!

Adorable isnt it!?

Thanks to all who continue to read this blog. religiously. it’s baffling.

– especially when I fail to post anything for weeks at a time. I’ll try to post more often! I’ll try I’ll try!

Talk soon folks! Off to wrap the never-ending mountain of Holiday goodies! xo


I CANNOT wait for this! Yes, I’m a Twilight-a-holic.

Well minus the books.. yes I know die-hards, I’m not a fan if I don’t like the books!

Either way- love the movies & cannot wait till the next chapter is released!

My avid Twilight partner, Ms. Minshall & I shall camp infront of the theatre awaiting its arrival.

Feel free to bring us hot tea & bisquits during our stakeout.

And is it just me or does Stewarts eyes continue to get blacker each movie?

“Forever is only the beginning!”