Hey girls (& fellas)

My dear friend Dina, came to me the other week as she was so excited to launch Alexa’s Room Lingerie in the Stratford ON area- as there is a dire need in the area.

“ALEXAS ROOM was established in 2008 out in the west Coast and I am so excited to not only be bringing them to Stratford but all of Ontario.” states Dina Noble. Determined to ensure woman of all shapes and sizes feel sexy, without breaking the bank, ALEXAS ROOM has beautiful, high quality lingerie, corsets, hosiery, accessories, club wear and costumes from sassy to sweet. Elegant, fun & flirty its merchandise is designed to bring out your personality and accentuate your best features.

You can enjoy a birthday party, bridal shower, stagette or a simple girls night while benefitting from the 10% hostess thank-you while just simply socializing, celebrating and having fun with your girlfriends or enjoy a more discreet one-on-one consultation to choose the right pieces for your special occasion.

That’s right- there’s no store. She will come to you! What a neat idea for a ladies night. And men, what easier way to buy something special for your lady then by having a one-on-one consultation with Alexas Room?

To check out some of the products or for more information be sure to check out their Facebook page. Oh, & don’t forget to ‘Like’ it to stay up-to-date on other promotions!/pages/Alexas-Room-Lingerie-Stratford-Ontario/227254620738260

If you want more information that you can’t find on FB – please contact Dina at

Wishing you the best Dina! You’ll do fabulous in the business




More coverage on Bachelorette fashion on Delectably Chic! from yours truly!

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Ps. Did ya’ll watch the men tell all? Why the heck didnt they put ‘Alessandro’ with the bad tan & bad hair, in the hot spot? For saying dating Emily Maynard & accepting her child- is considered a ‘compromise‘!? Crazy fellow.

& Kalon, ‘I’m flattered you follow me on Twitter’- you remind me of Ryan Phillips in Cruel Intensions. Spoiled, rich, snobbery I say. Nobody loves Kalon more then Kalon.

Emily Maynard. Looking beautiful as ever. Love her.

Don’t forget- the finale airs on SUNDAY, not Monday @ 8pm! Grab your girls, your pajamas, & your bottles of ‘Girls Night Out’ vino-& have yourselves a Bachelorette party! And, let it continue on Monday with the premiere of Bachelor Pad! Yeehaw!




Okay okay, so Emily Maynard has a meer $350,000 fashion budget this season on the Bachelorette- but believe it or not, there are a few key pieces that are in a not-so-ordinary girl, with an ordinary-pocket book’s, price range.

            On her date with Chris, Maynard scaled the outside of a building, and she did it in style. A piece that personally caught my eye was this Petite. V, Type Writer ring, handmade out of none other- then an old vintage type-writer key.
Not only is this piece cute, but it’s recycled! Who doesn’t love the element of reusing a little piece of history- & at an affordable cost of $46! Grab yourself one of these artistic pieces at

Although I didn’t expect to see Maynard rocking a motorcycle-graphic tank, the edgy piece worked well with the rest of her outfit & was perfect for a casual, night on the town. Course no outfit can go wrong when you pair it with a set of pricey, Frye boots (my favourite by the way)-


But this article is focused on all-things ‘affordable’- so back to the tank. Sadly, it sold out at all Urban Outfitters rapidly after the show. But, if you’re looking for a similar look- any graphic tank will do. Toss in a bit of grunge, with some classy pieces- & voila! You’ve got an edge, while continuing to look put-together, for under $20!

            And who would of thought a knit-sweater in the Summer, would look gorgeous, yet casual. Maynard looked naturally beautiful in this Karen Kane Bateau Tape Yarn Sweater, which retails for $83 at Bloomingdales or you can find it online

Maynard rocked it with some denim cutoffs, overtop of her bikini top. Perfect outfit for catching some drinks on the patio, after a sunny day at the beach.

            There you have it! You may not have the ridiculously generous clothing budget, that Maynard has- but now you can have a few of this season’s most noted (& affordable) pieces from The Bachelorette.

            Even if you don’t watch the show- her wardrobe is something you’ve got to tune into. I personally am more of a fan of her casual attire, but then again- what couldn’t that girl pull off, she’s gorgeous!

And if her fashion isn’t enough reason for you to tune in- perhaps finalist Sean is! Meow, eye candy!?



Yeehaw! Now I have one more reason to watch television on Tuesdays! MTV’s Teen Mom is back with Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, & of course, jail-bird- Amber.

Sad to see it wrapping up! We’ll miss you & your cute little bundles, girls!

& while we’re on the topic of TV- Did any of you watch The Bachelorette last night!?

Jeesh- Kaylon- good riddance! You are a quack job. For real!

Also, I’ve fallen in love with her Frye boots (  from a few episodes back- these are the hottest boots. I love them & want them- I guess you better love them, when you’re buying them for the hefty $348 price tag.

Dolly’s boots- although these ones are a tad over-the-top because they are custom made- came from Zeyzani footwear. Right now, they have the hottest gladiator sandals-


My moms friend- Debra Bell, retails these in Canada. She gets stopped in the street wherever she goes- because they are such unique fashion pieces. So if you want a pair from Canada- get at her, she can work some magic out for you.

Check out them out at:

Tropic Spa Tan has received a ton of amazing coverage- check out some of the more recent:

& featured in Friday’s issue of TONIGHT newspaper-


Looking good folks! Have a blog? Contribute to a beauty mag? Let me know! We want you to try out this revolutionary new spray tanning product!

Happy Tuesday all!



But it sure grows in Perth-county! Congrats to our 16 finalists who will move on to our final showcase on April 30, 2011 at the Pyramid Recreation Centre in St. Marys ON.

Tickets are now on sale- so hurry & purchase yours. Even if you’re not from the area- it will be an entertaining evening!

Side note- I’d really like these sunglasses. so if anyone sees them. please buy me a pair,

Merci !

Exciting things heading my way. Stay tuned!


Mondays suck- lets face it. They need some sprucing up

So let me breathe and take a moment to collect my thoughts…

Forget the stresses of a typical work day- what will be will be..

Recognize whats important-

Well.. first off- what is more important than inspiration. ESPECIALLY on a Monday! Without inspiration on a Monday- I really am not sure what would get me through the hour, nevermind the entire week!

And who doesn’t inspire me more than the talented Jenn Huynh from Bloom Photography, haven’t checked in with her in a while- but when I did- I was so in awe of some of her new shoots!

Who doesn’t love tea parties, teddy bears, and balloons?

And if you hadn’t already heard… I’m the proud- yet broke, new owner of a horse!

And not just any horse… the glutton of all brutes… a giant bohemiath of a Clydesale!

What was the reasoning behind this ‘little’ purchase of mine? well… it’s always been on my bucket list to ‘rescue’ a horse- and once upon a time, she was a rescued horse- so I figure that counts!

I think horses are just one of the most beautiful creatures  out there, the thought of them running through an open field- is very inspiring.

” Maybe some girls aren’t meant to be tamed… maybe they are supposed to run free & wild- until they find someone to run with!

 After a late-night random text from the last person on earth I’d expect one from on Saturday night- I couldn’t help but tag this video.

Lesson for the day…

Rascal Flatts= inspiration
Wild horses= inspiration
Photography= inspiration
Independence= inspiration

Any questions?


As mentioned in my last posting- I’ve been given the opportunity to compete in Miss Canada Globe- but like every pageant, sponsorship dollars are needed  to get me there!

So I’m asking all of my friends, & family- and people within the community for sponsorship! Help Ontario win! 🙂

All monetary donations will receive an official tax reciept- so yes, you can claim these as a business advertising write off- or a miscellaneous personal expense.

Or you can just pledge me on my pledge sheet! Heck, if you want your business in the program- you can get that too. Which would be national coverage!

Any donation is greatly welcome to help cover the costs of travelling far and wide on my new journey.

If you’d like to make a donation- please email me directly at

No donation will go unnoticed! Thanks everyone for your love & support!


Who knew t-shirts could ever look so good? Why have we lost sight of this closet staple?

Megan Fox shows us that the simple ol’ t-shirt can still work wonders.  Mind you, you could place Megan Fox in a brown-paper bag and I’m sure she’d still rock the look.

So what are you waiting for? Head on into your little brothers closet- or do what the minxy new-step mom, Megan Fox did- and raid her kid’s closet.

Yay for superhero screen prints!


Sunday night- had the priveledge of working alongside the talented Jenn Huynh of Bloom Photography-   

Shot in her newly renovated- and oh’ so cute loft-like apartment, she was able to convince me to do some ‘risky-business’ type shots- classy and artistic of course.

Check out her work- seriously. So so talented!

Here’s a sneak peek- stay tuned!