>What a dreary rainy Tuesday- the positive side: all the snow is gone & I now have a pool in my backyard…

That being said, you’d think I had a productive day- being confined to the indoors. Not

There is no better excuse to lounge around & spend a day snuggling my little man- than on a ‘rain day’.


Course- do I ever need an excuse to spend a day snuggling him?

Thus… That is why this post is occurring at 11pm at night- as I usually try and pump out all of my work after-hours.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go to VON’s Handbags for Hospice fundraiser, here in Woodstock. I’ve always wanted to go- but the tickets sold out this year the same day they went on sale!
If anyone knows Woodstock- that is an absolute amazing achievement!

More than 600 ladies were in attendance- sorry, no boys except the local firefighters were allowed (I couldn’t complain)

Desserts, purses & purple rain cocktails- oh my! Doesn’t get much better then this ladies!

The event raised more than $75,000 for VON’s Sakura House- a really great cause.

Although I could never afford to bid upwards of $500 on a purse- I do highly recommend going to this event if you ever get the opportunity!

Check out a quick little promo video from this year:

As for Sunday- The family trekked to my dear friend Tanya’s son’s baptism-

So honoured to be able to have been chosen to be little Jackson’s godmother- I guess this means I’ll have to really work on my potty mouth from here on out. All kidding aside, I cannot wait to see the great man you are growing into each and every day.
I can’t wait to see the stories Lane & you rush home from school to tell your mother and I- so we can reminisce about our own crazy childhood memories- while enjoying the beloved memories we are now making as parents to our own little bundles of joy.
What a great day spent with one of my favourite families- The Brays! xo


And just because everyone needs a little 'pick-me-up' each & every day- I thought this quote would be quite appropriate.. especially considering the weather



Only a good 24 days past due- but I’m finally onto making some resolutions for the New Year.

They say it’s better to call them ‘Life Changes’ instead of ‘Resolutions’ because you’re more apt to stick with them that way? Weird.

Well here it is- written in black and white- My ‘Life Changes’ for 2013:

I forbid myself from biting my nails. Horrible habit- although it does seem to keep stress at bay.

Get up an hour earlier- before the rest of my household & get a head start on the day

Donate blood 3-5 more times: Give the gift of life

No more speeding tickets! This one is a big challenge for me. I actually think I was born with a brick foot.

Change 10 everyday household products to ‘ALL NATURAL’- “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time”. My current favourites come from Canadian-company, Green Beaver

Be present with my son- less phone, less text- more him! Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Limit television to 1 hour a day- limit Facebook/Twitter to 30 minutes a day. Being in PR- this is going to be a challenge. But there’s so many more productive things I can be doing- rather than being sucked into the social media vortex.

No swearing! So tacky. I don’t think I swear very much- but it’s not until you forbid yourself from using those nasty words after stubbing your toe, that you realize how often you do in fact, use them.

Focus on my faith- Learn to walk by Faith- not by sight. More church, more prayer- more hope.

Well, there you have it folks- I can’t back out of these now! So if you see me in passing, biting my nails- be sure to elbow me to stop.

On a new subject- just got back from Florida last week- what fabulous weather! A nice change considering the cold front we’re all getting here in Canada right now. Spent the week with my beloved Aunt at her place: visited the beach, spent some time shopping, & just took some time to ‘breathe’. Sometimes we get so caught up in ‘doing’- that we forget to just ‘exist’- just ‘breathe’.. just ‘be’.



Couldn’t help but stop at Disneyworld- I mean, who goes to Florida without re-visiting their youth at Disney!? The place truly is amazing. There is no other place, where you can see infants & seniors- riding the same ride, singing the same tune, or enjoying the same scenery.

Some people said “well why waste your money taking Lane to Disney, he won’t remember it at that age”. Honestly- this saddens me. If every parent lived by that statement ‘they won’t remember it at that age’, then what a sad sad childhood your child would lead. How unstimulated would they be? It’s the little things that mold your children into the amazing-beings that you hope they will become. So what better way to inspire Laner than by showing him a little slice of magic- here on earth- Disney.

I want him to know to believe in the impossible- afterall, it all started with a mouse.

And most of all, in the wise words of Walt himself “If you can dream it, you can do it”


“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in this world” – Walt Disney

C – xox



Hey all!

Hope everyone had an absolutely fantastic holiday season! Can’t believe it’s come & gone already- with 2013 fast approaching

I want to thank all of my family & friends- who made my holiday absolutely amazing. Of course, celebrating Lane’s 1st Christmas with him was one of the greatest joys of all! I can hardly even imagine what my Christmases were like without him-

Boy, were we all spoiled! Amidst Lane’s mountain of goodies- he received this really adorable mini chair

Check it out- definitely the nicest piece of furniture I own at this point in time

Attended a really fantastic church service Christmas eve- definitely does make you take a moment to slow down & pay tribute to the real Reason for the season. As someone wise once told me- the Grinch himself-

” Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store- Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more!”

So I challenge you- for 2013- to carry the same type of hope.. joy… & generosity throughout the year- Because yesterday is history- tomorrow is a mystery, & today is a gift- that’s why they call it the ‘present’.

Bless ya’ll!



Hey everyone!

Well amidst the decent viewership on the blog yesterday- nobody won the Backstage Bar & Grill Appetizer. So whomever tweets me first- @caylpozza with their favourite holiday movie title- WINS it! Again, restaurant is in Stratford ON- so only enter if you are in that relative area or can make the trek

What’s up for grabs for my 12 Days of Giveaways on Day 2?

A set of Rio Rox Fashion Bra Straps! What a cute little way to jazz up a ‘blah’ bra strap at a festive Christmas party or New Years Eve outfit-


These easily fit on any bra that has the option for interchangeable bra straps-

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PS. Lucky me- went to catch a Carrie Underwood concert last night @ Budweiser Gardens- What a great show!! She looked & sounded absolutely stellar- & when we showed up, we were pleasantly surprised to have been given a complimentary seat upgrade to some fabulous seats- What a nice surprise!

Thanks to my friend Darci who so kindly invited me!


Oh & an even better surprise- I had no idea that Hunter Hayes was one of the opening acts – Have mercy! He can sing me ‘Wanted’ anytime.


IMG_2313 IMG_2314 IMG_2317 IMG_2322

Pretty decent Thursday for the most part I must say!

Happy Friday ya’ll!





Hey yall!

First off- I have no idea how to get my apostrophes to go back to looking like apostrophes- rather than this è

Help…. Apparently Im not as tech saavy as hoped

As the holidays near closer- Ill be doing a few giveaways to some lucky readers to help make their holidays just a tad merrier!

Whether you keep the prize for yourself or give it to someone you love- help spread the holiday cheer!

Thanks to all my sponsors whove donated- should anyone else be interested in participating, please email me asap

Prize that is up for grabs today-



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How to win- Follow me on Twitter @caylpozza if you aren’t already & Tweet me your favourite holiday movie to be entered in a draw to win

Stay tuned for tomorrows new giveaway!

In the spirit of Christmas- A family friend- Ms. Rose, took a few quick shots for our holiday card this year- Go figure its the one day Lane cant even muster up a smile. But either way, love them!




Cayley Christmas

Oh, & PS- Off to see Carrie Underwood tonight in London at the newly named Budweiser Centre- Cant wait to rock out to her girl anthem- UNDO IT

Check it out-

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Hey girls (& fellas)

My dear friend Dina, came to me the other week as she was so excited to launch Alexa’s Room Lingerie in the Stratford ON area- as there is a dire need in the area.

“ALEXAS ROOM was established in 2008 out in the west Coast and I am so excited to not only be bringing them to Stratford but all of Ontario.” states Dina Noble. Determined to ensure woman of all shapes and sizes feel sexy, without breaking the bank, ALEXAS ROOM has beautiful, high quality lingerie, corsets, hosiery, accessories, club wear and costumes from sassy to sweet. Elegant, fun & flirty its merchandise is designed to bring out your personality and accentuate your best features.

You can enjoy a birthday party, bridal shower, stagette or a simple girls night while benefitting from the 10% hostess thank-you while just simply socializing, celebrating and having fun with your girlfriends or enjoy a more discreet one-on-one consultation to choose the right pieces for your special occasion.

That’s right- there’s no store. She will come to you! What a neat idea for a ladies night. And men, what easier way to buy something special for your lady then by having a one-on-one consultation with Alexas Room?

To check out some of the products or for more information be sure to check out their Facebook page. Oh, & don’t forget to ‘Like’ it to stay up-to-date on other promotions!/pages/Alexas-Room-Lingerie-Stratford-Ontario/227254620738260

If you want more information that you can’t find on FB – please contact Dina at

Wishing you the best Dina! You’ll do fabulous in the business



So time is limited- amidst raising my little bundle of joy, keeping up with some sort of a social life, & doing my PR work of course- but one thing I DO NOT MISS is the episodes of The Voice & Xfactor

Don’t bother with Canadian Idol or American Idol- the talent doesn’t even compare (sorry folks)

If you don’t watch the shows, I highly suggest you check them out. You’ll be amazed. Here’s some highlights of the first few episodes-

These boys from Emblem 3, what rad dudes. If only I were 18 again.

I’m betting their original tune will be on radios in next few months- Summer theme song for 2013 yes?

And of course, there was still the wacky & wonderful- this fella, er- female, has better legs then me!

But my ultimate… ultimate favourite- is that of Ms. Cassadee Pope. She killed her audition. Although, I’m not sure how fair it is to have someone audition who has more than 4 million videos views on her Youtube- with her previous band, Hey Monday. But, meh. I loved her then. And I love her even more now

I’ve found a new love for this tune.  I honestly have listened to this on repeat every day since it aired.

Turn up your speakers!

And just to pay some tribute to the UK’s version of Xfactor- afterall, it did come first

Check out this stud. What a story

Ps. If you’re in London area tonight- come out for our quick little Tan for Cans event with Tropic Spa ( Get a FREE spray tan (hello healthy skin, goodbye UV rays) with the donaton of non-perishable food item. Walk in from 6 to 8pm at the Arden Park Hotel, Suite 230

If anyone is in the Woodstock area on October 20th- come out to the Lights & Sirens Charity Ball in support of WDDS. What a fun night to get glammed up & win some awesome prizes at the silent auction. Want tickets? Inquire with me!

Check out more event details at:



Another year has come & gone- hard to believe!

Was kind of MIA most of the weekend- so I apologize for the delayed post-

Want to thank some of my good ol’ pals for coming out with me for a little dinner soiree & dancing on Saturday- I’m so thankful to have such supportive pals who continue to make me smile each & every day!

I was even fortunate enough to receive some goodies from my family & girls- Yeehaw! ‘Presents’ weren’t necessary- as I appreciated their ‘presence’ even more (xoxo)

Also got a Groupon from my parentals for a night away in the Sheraton in Niagara! Cha-ching!

Boy I needed a little getaway- Lane, Adam & I had so much fun! What a lovely birthday gift- thanks ma & pa!

Here’s some shots from the little vacay-

The above pictures are from the Butterfly Conservatory- sure butterflies are pretty. But not worth the $15 admission price per person, thats for sure. And Lane…. he wasn’t thrilled about the whole experience.

View from our room at The Sheraton- So pretty!

Went for a delicious dinner at the Fallsview restaurant above The Sheraton- delicious buffet. Pricey pricey- but definately worth it. Here’s the view from our table

And a happy birthday to me! Made Adam have a Jolly Rancher martini with me- Reeeeelaxation anyone!?

The famjam on the giant ferris wheel. I wasn’t a fan- my thrill seeking boys loved it though. Go figure

More on the ferris wheel! Gave me the heeby jeebys.


Somewhere over the rainbow- Maid of theMist. Packed as usual.

Our hotel- Great place to stay!

Walking the “Journey Behind the Falls’- Lane loved it- My makeup didnt. And we both hated our ponchos

The two little daredevils. Like father like son I say.

All tuckered out! Bless his little heart ❤

Thanks again everyone! Especially my Ma & Pa & Adam! What a great way to ring in my 24th year!

“The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday!”- Paris Hilton

C xo


It’s a wrap folks! My beloved Bachelorette season has concluded- & I think we are all happy to say, that gorgeous Emily Maynard has found her true love (next to her daughter Ricki of course)

Jef with one ‘f’- the owner of Peoplewater – won over Maynard’s heart. It’s easy to see why. 

And his family’s hugeeeeeeeee country ranch probably doesn’t hurt either.

 Although, not a huge fan of the hair. I do like skinny jeans.

Did you catch them on Good Morning America this morning?


If not- follow this link to get another quick dose of this ‘it’ couple-

Although I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of them in the future! Can’t wait!

So now, no more Bachelorette on Monday nights- but Bachelor Pad looks just as promising! How can it not be- with that little cutie Michael Stagliano!

Bets on the winning couple anyone?

That’ all for now! Off to the poolside with my little man Laners! xo

PS- Follow me on Twitter for some upcoming contests that you won’t want to miss! @caylpozza




Here’s a sneak peek of Lane’s baptism- what a beautiful day, shared with beautiful friends & family!

Thanks to Carolyn @ – who captured some of these treasured moments!

Ps. On a totally unrelated note- hope ya’ll got your free slurpees today a la’ 7-11!

PPS. I’m utterly crushed that Sean was sent home on Bachelorette. Miss Emily Maynard- Sean would look way better baking pancakes Sunday morning shirtless in your kitchen- then Arie. Blah.

And if you don’t already follow me on Twitter- do it! @caylpozza