>What a dreary rainy Tuesday- the positive side: all the snow is gone & I now have a pool in my backyard…

That being said, you’d think I had a productive day- being confined to the indoors. Not

There is no better excuse to lounge around & spend a day snuggling my little man- than on a ‘rain day’.


Course- do I ever need an excuse to spend a day snuggling him?

Thus… That is why this post is occurring at 11pm at night- as I usually try and pump out all of my work after-hours.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go to VON’s Handbags for Hospice fundraiser, here in Woodstock. I’ve always wanted to go- but the tickets sold out this year the same day they went on sale!
If anyone knows Woodstock- that is an absolute amazing achievement!

More than 600 ladies were in attendance- sorry, no boys except the local firefighters were allowed (I couldn’t complain)

Desserts, purses & purple rain cocktails- oh my! Doesn’t get much better then this ladies!

The event raised more than $75,000 for VON’s Sakura House- a really great cause.

Although I could never afford to bid upwards of $500 on a purse- I do highly recommend going to this event if you ever get the opportunity!

Check out a quick little promo video from this year:

As for Sunday- The family trekked to my dear friend Tanya’s son’s baptism-

So honoured to be able to have been chosen to be little Jackson’s godmother- I guess this means I’ll have to really work on my potty mouth from here on out. All kidding aside, I cannot wait to see the great man you are growing into each and every day.
I can’t wait to see the stories Lane & you rush home from school to tell your mother and I- so we can reminisce about our own crazy childhood memories- while enjoying the beloved memories we are now making as parents to our own little bundles of joy.
What a great day spent with one of my favourite families- The Brays! xo


And just because everyone needs a little 'pick-me-up' each & every day- I thought this quote would be quite appropriate.. especially considering the weather



cayls 497

I know I’m late- but don’t worry, I did celebrate Lane’s 1st birthday in style, on his actual day of birth: January 19th.

I’m just a fashionably late on this post… no surprise there.

>Well Laner, It’s hard to believe that you are already a year old. No statement stands truer to this past year then “Time flies when you’re having fun”. I’m truly having the best time being your mother- there is not a moment I take forgranted with you… even when I’m changing a stinky diaper.

You are truly shaping me into a much better person. I’m finally learning a thing or two about patience- which, coming from the girl who’s motto used to be “P is for Pozza, Not for Patience’- that’s a pretty remarkable thing. And best of all, I’m learning to be a person that I hope you’d be proud to call your mother.

Each & everyday you amaze me. You find joys in the simplest things of life. Whether you find a dusty ol’ cheerio under a chair, or see a familiar face walk in the door- you’re always sporting the best fashion accessory of all: your beaming smile.

It truly is infectious. A real work of art.

I never really thought I wanted to be a mom- I mean, I figured one day… in a far off land- far far away… I’d perhaps want to step up to the challenge of motherhood. But if I had only known then, what I know now- I would of been tickled pink to know what amazing gift was coming my way.

You’re my best friend.
You’re the best teacher.
You’re the best listener.
You’re the best gift.
You’re the best part of me.
You’re the best hero.
You’re the best baby I never knew I always wanted.

And although, I want you to stay my little ‘munkin’ forever physically- I know you can’t stay ‘Peter Pan’ forever and I look forward to seeing the wonderful little man you’re already becoming.

But… at the end of the day. You will always… always be my little boy.

To the closest thing to heaven I know- my son Lane
We love you so much! xox



Only a good 24 days past due- but I’m finally onto making some resolutions for the New Year.

They say it’s better to call them ‘Life Changes’ instead of ‘Resolutions’ because you’re more apt to stick with them that way? Weird.

Well here it is- written in black and white- My ‘Life Changes’ for 2013:

I forbid myself from biting my nails. Horrible habit- although it does seem to keep stress at bay.

Get up an hour earlier- before the rest of my household & get a head start on the day

Donate blood 3-5 more times: Give the gift of life

No more speeding tickets! This one is a big challenge for me. I actually think I was born with a brick foot.

Change 10 everyday household products to ‘ALL NATURAL’- “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time”. My current favourites come from Canadian-company, Green Beaver

Be present with my son- less phone, less text- more him! Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Limit television to 1 hour a day- limit Facebook/Twitter to 30 minutes a day. Being in PR- this is going to be a challenge. But there’s so many more productive things I can be doing- rather than being sucked into the social media vortex.

No swearing! So tacky. I don’t think I swear very much- but it’s not until you forbid yourself from using those nasty words after stubbing your toe, that you realize how often you do in fact, use them.

Focus on my faith- Learn to walk by Faith- not by sight. More church, more prayer- more hope.

Well, there you have it folks- I can’t back out of these now! So if you see me in passing, biting my nails- be sure to elbow me to stop.

On a new subject- just got back from Florida last week- what fabulous weather! A nice change considering the cold front we’re all getting here in Canada right now. Spent the week with my beloved Aunt at her place: visited the beach, spent some time shopping, & just took some time to ‘breathe’. Sometimes we get so caught up in ‘doing’- that we forget to just ‘exist’- just ‘breathe’.. just ‘be’.



Couldn’t help but stop at Disneyworld- I mean, who goes to Florida without re-visiting their youth at Disney!? The place truly is amazing. There is no other place, where you can see infants & seniors- riding the same ride, singing the same tune, or enjoying the same scenery.

Some people said “well why waste your money taking Lane to Disney, he won’t remember it at that age”. Honestly- this saddens me. If every parent lived by that statement ‘they won’t remember it at that age’, then what a sad sad childhood your child would lead. How unstimulated would they be? It’s the little things that mold your children into the amazing-beings that you hope they will become. So what better way to inspire Laner than by showing him a little slice of magic- here on earth- Disney.

I want him to know to believe in the impossible- afterall, it all started with a mouse.

And most of all, in the wise words of Walt himself “If you can dream it, you can do it”


“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in this world” – Walt Disney

C – xox