Most of you know, I’ve been so happy to have worked with Tropic Spa Inc the past few months as one of their publicists- but I’m even more excited to announce that the company has just launched a direct sales opportunity!


If you don’t know about the company already (you must live under a rock)- they retail home spray tan units. Yes, the day has come where you can finally get a fairly affordable spray tan in the comfort of your own home! Unit hangs on the back of door & at press of a button and a manual rotation, you’ll have a natural looking glow in 3-5 hours.

Now, in all honesty my friends- it does take some time to master the art of a spray tan. If you don’t time your turn or rub in the solution just right- you will have some minor touch ups to apply. However, usually by the third trial- you will have got it pretty down pat!

The unit retails at $300 + SH+ Tax- however, this includes 10 tans- which usually retail at $100. So essentially, you’re getting your unit for just $200.

Now- about the business…

You, as a consultant- will earn 25% commission on all of your personal sales – for those without a calculator, or mathematician brains- that’s $75 per unit sale & $25 per refill kit.

Say you get 5 customers- & they each order a refill kit per month- you’ll be making an extra $125 per month. Not bad. Not great. But definitely could buy you a fancy new pair of shoes-


Now if you share the business & get some recruits under you- you’ll receive 5% of their sales. This is where your business builds!

Say you had 5 customers, 5 consultants, & they found 5- you’d be getting about $525 in commission a month-

Now we’re talking!

What better thing than to get paid for your performance – & get a discount on your own product at the same time!

The best part- the new people you’ll meet & work with

Can’t wait to keep everyone updated on our conventions & seminars coming up-

If you’re interested in the opportunity- please don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

Ps. Did we mention MTV’s Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham has been rockin’ our unit lately? How neat!


& in the spirit of Tropic Spa- Day 3 of my giveaway is for the first 3 people who comment on this blog post below-

They will each receive 1 FREE can of our sample spray solution- as seen in photo above with Farrah.

I spray this on my face/shoulder area every night before bed- & when I wake up in the AM – voila!

Nice little tan- & saves me from having to wear any concealer- Bonus!

Good luck folks! Off to get some Christmas shopping done-

Hopefully for good!



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