When hungry & in doubt- the ol’ trusty grilled cheese is sure to be an easy lunch time treat.

But how boring… and unhealthy- is two processed slices of cheese melted in butter between two white pieces of bread.

Very boring. Little nutrition

One of my ultimate favourite little coffee shops is The Brown Dog Cafe in Paris, ON- & I am faithful to ordering their ‘Retriever’ sandwich every single time! The drive to Paris every day for this sandwich is a little unrealistic, so I thought ‘Hey! These could easily be made at home’-

All you need is :

Two slices of rye bread-yes rye, don’t waste your time with plain ol’ white bread or even whole wheat for that matter. The rye flavour makes this sandwich!

Crumbled feta cheese- as much as you wish

Fresh spinach

Garlic powder (Not garlic salt. Nobody needs extra sodium these days)

Roasted red peppers- now, make your life real easy and just buy canned roasted red peppers in a jar at your local grocery or health food store. I purchase mine from Costco- & they are fantastic!

Load all the ingredients up on the rye bread & add the top piece of bread.

I personally use my George Forman grill to make this into a ‘panini-type’ sandwich- but you could just make it in a frying pan like your standard grilled cheese, if you must

Let it simmer for a bit so the cheese gets soft- Feta doesn’t really melt- so don’t base it on that

& Voila-  You have a creamy, tasty, & creative ‘grilled cheese’.

If you’re feeling really adventurous- Spread a layer of avocado on the inside of the sandwich (before you grill it of course) – Adds a ‘creamy-sauce-like’ texture. Plus, Avocado is one of the most nutritionally complete foods out there, so eat it up!

Your hair & skin will thank you!

Try this recipe out- & when you do, I want to hear about it! Comment below

And because I’ve been behind on some photos- what better way to kick off a dreary day than by bringing some Sunshine into everyone’s lives-

What a little fish! If that didn’t make you smile- I’m not sure what will!

Amidst our house renovations- we managed to ‘hire’ a little helper to oversee the building of the deck

Thankfully we only had to pay him in dill pickles

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

Off to get a FREE Skim-milk Mocha from McDonalds & hit the open road for a Fall cruise with Lane

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We’re back in Stratford Ontario this Thursday for another Tans for Cans event in support of the Stratford House of Blessing- bring a non-perishable food item, in exchange for a FREE spray tan from our home mist tanning unit

That’s right- we said FREE!

Tell your friends who are in the area!

Happy Monday everyone

– Tropic Spa

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