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Whoa! What a great feeling coming back from a couple weeks off (brutal I know) to check my site stats are still holding strong! I have such a GREAT group of readers!

Where to begin!? Can’t believe Summer is almost over- although, being on ‘maternity-leave’ should mean I’ve had ‘summer’ all year-round! Lucky me. I do like the end of Summer though, as it means the beginning of Fall, which is my ultimate favourite season of all!

The smell of the crisp Autumn air, the leaves changing, the ability to wear some really rockin boots- (nice plug for Frye boots or moccassins of course! Top it off with a piping hot soy chai latte & a dinner with my special mashed potatoes (3 parts cauliflower, 1 part potatoe, bit of butter, & chives) and you’ve got your self one heck of a fabulous time!

I’m contemplating going to Salem for a little vacation in October- the history intrigues me, and the fact it pays homage to ‘all things Halloween’ the entire month- is like candy to my ears!

Any of my readers ever been? Have a place to suggest? Where should I stay? I want to know!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @caylpozza- as I tend to update that a bit more frequently! Imagine- me being able to update something more than once every two weeks 😉

Here’s some shots from the other weekend, up at the cottage with my little stud muffin. I never thought the day would come- but I absolutely love love loveeeeeee being a mom! What a gift it is!

& on a totally un-related note, most people who know me- know I’m a huge Gleek! So it’s obvious that I would get tickled with excitement for this movie to be released- Sure it isn’t Glee, but could be the next best thing!

‘Fat Amy’ kills me. She brought it in ‘Bridemaids’ but I’m betting she’ll be the hidden Gem in this one!

Let the countdown begin!

Quote of the day: “Some people are content being mediocre & accepting their fate, I’d prefer to make mine”- Yours truly



Ventured to Hamilton’s Princess Point park the other day, with  my friend Kristen for a last minute end-of summer shoot with talented Yan Markovich.

Thankfully the weather held off on us- and we were able to get some awesome shots in the sunshine

Here’s a sneek peek at a handful of them!

& because he’s always the one behind the camera- we had to get a captured moment with this creative fellow-

What a fun day! Of course, he didnt like my concept that I wanted to do- that included tequila, sombreros & moracas. Maybe next time eh Yan!?

Be sure to ‘Like’ his page on Facebook- he deserves it!!/MarkovichPhotography

Finally- not that I’m a photographer or anything.. but I do have one of the best models on the planet…

My main man Laners! What a little monkey!

While I’m on the topic of photography-

Tuesday we’ll be doing a fun little outdoor shoot with my beloved Jenn Huynh @

If you’re in the area- & interested in participating that day, let me know!

If you haven’t already- don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, ya hear!?! @caylpozza

Happy Thirsty Thursday ya’ll!



This is honestly the story of my life. Loyalty 101.

A person can do a lot of questionable things in their lives, but as long as you’re loyal to those who matter… that’s whats important. But does anyone even remember this moto? Heck, can anyone even spell L-O-Y-A-L-T-Y?

At the end of the day, its your family & your friends who will be there for you. Not the money or fame that you earned at the expense of hurting others.

Is your Ferrari going to come visit you in the old age home when your 80 & have no visitors?

And aside from that, why on earth would anyone conciously want to do something that they know is going to hurt others. It’s so very sad. This is our reality.

We have enough hardships in our day-to-day lives, so why do we all throw each other under the bus?

And wouldnt we all make more money & feel better about ourselves, if we supported those- who support us?

Sure, I’ll scratch your back- but you should be sure you turn around & scratch mine. If not- I can find someone out there who will. 

If someone isn’t loyal. What to do? Don’t worry folks. Politely tell them they hurt you & that you found their actions to be disrespectful. Simple & sweet.

Then wait….. some may wait longer than others.

Because karma will come & bite that person in their booty. Ten times over.

Watch & see ya’ll. Watch & see.